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So..... you might be looking for some much larger, statement plants to add real POP to your interiors? But you can't find any plants on the shop page quite grand & magnificent enough? We are able to source large plants on request, with a delivery time of (usually) one to two weeks.

We usually have a some big plants in stock - shop BIG Plants to see what we currently have.

If you would like any advice on which large plants are suitable for your space then get in touch and we'll be happy to make some suggestions.

Some examples & ideas with indicative prices are shown below. Please note prices will vary depending on current availability from the growers.


Get in touch with requests via the contact page, or direct message on Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to arranging something eye-popping & special for you.

1.4m Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant
(Plant in nursery pot only)

£175 delivered - illustrative 


1.1m Ficus Elastica Tineke
(Plant in nursery pot only)
£50 delivered - illustrative

 1.7m Pachira aquatica 

(Plant in nursery pot only)

£150 delivered - illustrative


1.8m Kentia palm 
(Plant in nursery pot only)
£200 delivered - illustrative

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