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110cm Polyscias Fabian - Aralia Fabian (21cm pot)

Polyscias are versatile, small, indoor, branching trees. They grow in a compact, upright manner, making them suitable even in smaller spaces. Their thick, woody trunks is their main appeal. Each plant is unique as the large, rounded leaves can develop anywhere along the length of the branches, exposing different degrees of woody stem on each plant.


Polyscias Fabian has large, scalloped, dark green, glossy leaves that curve outwards slightly. They are deeply veined and tinged purple underneath.


Lower leaves can drop in winter - this is normal, don't panic! :)


Nursery pot size: 21cm

Height (approx.): 110cm


Fancy a lovely pot to put this beauty in? Here is our collection of pots which fit 17cm to 23cm nursery pots. You will need a pot with at least a 21cm opening.


  • Light: Prefers bright to moderate indirect light. 
  • Watering: Water when the top layer of soil has become dry. Better to keep them slightly dry than to overwater.
  • Temperature: Prefers warmer conditions so keep away from draughts or cold windows in winter.
  • Humidity: Likes moderate to high humidity.
  • Pets: Toxic if ingested, keep out of reach of pets.


Note: All our plants are unique, the plant you receive might not be identical to the one photographed but we're sure you're going to love it either way!


*Price is for plant in nursery pot only, does not include decorative pot

110cm Polyscias Fabian - Aralia Fabian (21cm pot)

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