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Compo Terrarium Crimson (16cm)

Terrariums are miniature gardens housed inside small glass containers. As fully functioning plant ecosystems they’re mostly self sustaining.


The perfect gift for anyone who loves plant.


Care instructions will be provided.


Dimensions: D16cm x H20cm


  • Light: Closed terrariums require high amounts of light, so keep them in a bright spot but out of direct sunlight as this could cause the contents to overheat. 
  • Watering: A completely enclosed terrarium requires little or no watering, but if in doubt always water less. If the soil is completely dry and the leaves are wilting this is a sign that the terrarium is too dry and needs watering. NEVER pour water into your terrarium. Water should be added a little at a time using a misting bottle to avoid overwatering as there is nowhere for excess water to go. If your terrarium has large droplets of condensation on the glass then it has plenty of moisture and shouldn’t be watered. If this happens, remove the lid and make sure that it receives adequate light and airflow across the opening to aid drying. However, keep in mind that a balanced terrarium will have some moisture on the glass. If the terrarium glass is clear, check if your terrarium needs watering by placing your finger in the top moss layer as well as into the moss to the soil underneath. If the moss and/or soil is beginning to dry out, mist the terrarium in small doses. N.B. you can always add more water but can’t remove it so easily!
  • Temperature: Keep your terrarium away from radiators or other heat sources that could cause overheating.
  • Pets: As they are fully enclosed there is no way for your pet to get access so are pet safe!
  • Maintenance: If you see any dead or dry leaves, remove them immediately from the terrarium to avoid the unwanted spread of mould or fungus. Leaves that are pushed up against the glass of the terrarium have a tendency to get too damp and rot, so remove if possible. Plants that have overgrown the terrarium can either be pruned back or replaced.


Note: all our plants are unique. The terrarium you receive might not be identical to the one photographed, but we’re sure you’re going to love it either way!


Compo Terrarium Crimson (16cm)

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