Lithops mixed - Living Stones

Lithops, or living stones, are small, stemless succulent plants that resemble stones to avoid being grazed by animals in their native habitat. They’re from some of the driest regions in South Africa and therefore need very little water – some of them rely only on mist and fog for moisture.


Each lithops plant comprises just two thick, fleshy, fused leaves, designed to hold the water the plant needs to survive. The leaves have a slit, or fissure, at the top, from which new leaves and flowers emerge. Because lithops requires so little water, they make excellent house plants. Yellow or white, daisy-like flowers sometimes appear in summer.


Water very sparingly – much less than other succulents. Don’t water at all from October until after the old pair of leaves has completely withered away, often not until the following May. Then avoid watering again during the dormant period in summer.


Lithops have a very particular growing cycle and therefore need watering in a very particular way. This may seem daunting at first but, once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s easy.


Detailed watering instructions will be provided with every order :)


  • Nursery pot size: 8cm
  • Height (approx.): 12cm


Fancy a lovely pot to put this beauty in? Here is our collection of pots which fit 8cm to 11cm nursery pots.


  • Light: Ideally a few hours of morning sunlight and then partial shade in the afternoon. An east or south facing windowsill would work well. Not enough sunlight will cause elongated leaves and loss of pattern.
  • Watering: It’s best with lithops to follow the soak-and-dry method that’s used with other types of succulents. Drench the soil when it’s time to water, then wait until the pot fully dries out before watering again. Lithops like being watered most during late spring and early summer, but it may need the very occasional watering during the winter. At the height of its growth period in warmer months, you’ll likely find yourself watering more regularly, but always make sure the soil is dry before watering. Aside from the watering schedule mentioned above, another way to determine if your Lithops needs to be watered is by closely observing its condition. If you see that the plant starts to wrinkle or pucker, or appears to be sinking deeper into the pot and feels softer than usual when given a gentle squeeze, then it's time to give it a nice drink.
  • Temperature: Prefers warmer room temperatures.
  • Pets: Not troublesome.


Note: All our plants are unique, the plant you receive might not be identical to the one photographed but we're sure you're going to love it either way!


*Price is for plant in nursery pot only, does not include decorative pot.

Lithops mixed - Living Stones

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