LIWALO Sisal Handwoven Basket by THE BASKET ROOM

From The Basket Room's Linear Fusion Range. Bright stripes and bold colourways belong within this signature collection of colourful handwoven baskets, made in Kenya.


These natural sisal handwoven baskets make stunning and stylish houseplant planters as well as cute baskets for toys or general storage.


The LIWALO basket has striking bright blue & yellow stripes.


Fits nursery pots up to 20cm.


The Basket Room is a contemporary interiors brand with an emphasis on ethical handmade production, natural materials, traditional African craft and stylish design.

LIWALO Sisal Handwoven Basket by THE BASKET ROOM

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Dimensions: D20-23cm x H20-23cm

Material: Sisal

These baskets do not have a waterfproof liner. If using as a planter we recommend lining the bottom of your beautiful basket with tin foil or similar.