From The Basket Room's Colour Block range. The NDIZI is handwoven of natural sisal & banana tree bark fibres. This combination creates a beautiful colour block effect in these woven baskets, in natural & brown grass.


Perfect for your smaller plants and ideally they fit nursery pots up to 12cm in diameter. These baskets are wide enough to take a larger pot up to about 14cm diameter but they are wider than they are tall (please see dimensions in PRODUCT INFO) so the top of a bigger nursery pot may be visible. If the plant in the nursery pot is a trailing plant then HEY PRESTO! - the trailing foliage will obscure the nursery pot. 


The Basket Room is a contemporary interiors brand with an emphasis on ethical handmade production, natural materials, traditional African craft and stylish design.


These NDIZI natural woven baskets are hand made by a small Kenyan weaving cooperative of around forty ladies who have practised the art of basket weaving from a young age, having been taught by mothers and grandmothers.  Sisal grass is sourced ready-rolled when regular orders come in from The Basket Room, and the sisal is hand-dyed under the supervision of the cooperative’s dye manager in large vats of boiling water. Next, the sisal is hung out to dry before an intricate twining method is used to create each individual basket.


Committed as The Basket Room are to the growth of the partnership with this cooperative helps women to support themselves and their families more sustainably. Most weavers in this group are primarily subsistence farmers, but in the dry seasons this way of life can fail to meet the family’s needs. Choose one of these woven baskets and you actively support these weavers’ livelihoods, and The Basket Room's commitment to empowering women. Each woven basket comes with a thank you card from the weaving cooperative.


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  • Dimensions approx: D14cm - 16cm & H9.5cm - 10.5cm (As each basket is handmade, no two are identical)
  • Material: Sisal & banana tree bark & branded leather tab
  • These baskets do not have a waterfproof liner. If using as a planter we recommend lining the bottom of your beautiful basket with tin foil or similar.