From The Basket Room's striped baskets range. The ALAMA is handwoven of natural sisal and makes a beautiful and fun textured planter basket. Contrasting bands of pale pink and light green characterise these colour-confident, hand woven storage baskets.


Introduce a splash of colour to your office space, living room or bedroom and help us preserve the precious craft of basketry.


Perfect for your smaller plants and fits nursery pots up to 12cm in diameter.


The Basket Room is a contemporary interiors brand with an emphasis on ethical handmade production, natural materials, traditional African craft and stylish design.


The ALAMA is hand woven from sisal grass by a member of one of four rural women's weaving groups in South Western Kenya.


Led by chairlady Mbeti, the ladies in this group of cooperatives are extremely skilled at weaving repeat patterns, using their tape measures to produce set sizes. They get together weekly to agree work, deliver completed basket orders and collect wages. Sisal grass is purchased ready-rolled when these groups receive basket orders and a deposit sum from The Basket Room, and these fibres are hand-dyed outdoors in large vats of boiling water by the weavers. 


These weavers are mainly farmers, so the majority of basket weaving takes place during the dry seasons when agricultural work quite literally dries up. To purchase one of these woven baskets is to become a part of The Basket Room's story: a journey of sustainability and empowerment, supporting women to support their families with flexible, fairly paid work. Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative who made your basket.


  • Dimensions approx: D12.5cm - 13.5cm x H12.5cm - 13.5cm (As each basket is handmade, no two are identical)
  • Material: Sisal & branded leather tab
  • These baskets do not have a waterfproof liner. If using as a planter we recommend lining the bottom of your beautiful basket with tin foil or similar.