Soil Ninja Premium Anthurium Blend

Big velvety leaves, long impressive petioles, huge and thick stems. These are just a few of the features our beloved Anthuriums exhibit not forgetting their incredible climbing habit and impressive size this mix caters to the larger, flashier roots that they own and makes them exceedingly comfortable.


Using a blend of: Coco Coir, Perlite, Bark, Activated Charcoal, Worm Castings


This mix has been specially developed to cater to the large epiphytic roots of Anthurium. With a whole lot of orchid bark to increase surface area for those roots to cling onto an slowly breakdown imitating their natural habitat but inside of a pot with extra perlite to keep aeration at its very highest and activated charcoal to keep any bad micro fauna are an microflora in check. So Anthurium do tend to like extra feeding we always include worm castings to present and natural fertiliser that can be slowly broken down by the roots in a gentle manner.


But this mix is certainly not just for Anthurium whether it be an orchid or bromeliad or even a large epiphytic hoya a this mix is a fantastic option for them and we strongly suggest keeping some on hand.



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Soil Ninja Premium Anthurium Blend


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