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Blue Star Fern in Paolo Pot

The Blue Star Fern (Phlebodium aureum) is a true gem among fern species, appreciated by plant enthusiasts for its unique blue-green foliage.


This plant originates from tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean, where it grows as an epiphyte on other plants or trees rather than in soil. This gives it a distinctive appearance, often forming clumps or mats on tree bark, and making it an eye-catching addition to any indoor garden.


Comes in a lovely stoneware pot with a fun fern pattern.


Nursery pot size: 17cm

Decorative pot size: D: 20cm x H: 17cm

Height (approx.): 50cm


  • Light: Bright to moderate indirect light. Tolerates lower light.
  • Watering: Like slightly moist soil so water thoroughly when the surface of the soil dries out. 
  • Humidity: Likes a more humid environment so mist regularly or keep in a bathroom or kitchen to avoid crispy tips.
  • Temperature: Normal room temperature is good - does not like cold spaces or draughts.
  • Pets: Not troublesome to pets


Note: All our plants are unique, the plant you receive might not be identical to the one photographed but we're sure you're going to love it either way!


*Price is for plant in nursery pot AND decorative pot.

Blue Star Fern in Paolo Pot